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Transparent Business Solutions B.V. specializes in comprehensive investigative consulting services. Our expertise covers areas such as cryptocurrency tracing, consumer rights protection, privacy violations, and addressing the repercussions of online financial crimes.

Yes, Transparent Business Solutions B.V. is authorized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security as a private investigation agency under POB number 7373.

We conduct investigations related to various types of online fraudulent activities, including but not limited to cybercrime, cryptocurrency fraud, online scams, and financial malfeasance.

Crypto tracing is a sophisticated investigative process that revolves around the meticulous examination of cryptocurrency transactions. This method is employed to unravel and identify individuals or entities engaged in fraudulent or illicit activities within the realm of digital currencies, it includes:
Blockchain Analysis: Our experts leverage blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies, to trace transactions on a decentralized ledger. Every cryptocurrency transaction is recorded on this public ledger, creating a transparent trail.
Address Attribution: Each participant in a cryptocurrency transaction is associated with a cryptographic address. Through advanced algorithms and data analysis, we attribute these addresses to real-world entities.
Transaction Flow Analysis: Tracing involves scrutinizing the flow of funds. By analyzing the series of transactions, we can identify patterns and connections between different addresses, helping us establish the movement of funds across the blockchain.
Linking Identities: With a combination of technical expertise and investigative skills, our team works towards linking these cryptographic addresses to real-world identities. This process is crucial for unmasking the individuals involved in fraudulent or criminal activities.
Cross-Platform Analysis: Our crypto tracing extends beyond a single blockchain. We conduct cross-platform analysis, examining transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the financial movements.
Forensic Tools and Technologies: Utilizing cutting-edge forensic tools and technologies, our experts employ techniques such as clustering, pattern recognition, and heuristic analysis to effectively trace and attribute cryptocurrency transactions.
Reputation management services encompass a strategic approach to shaping, enhancing, and safeguarding an individual’s or business’s online image. This involves a multifaceted strategy aimed at managing digital presence and mitigating reputational risks, it includes:
Negative Content Removal: Identifying and removing harmful or defamatory content from various online platforms, including social media, review sites, and news articles.
Deindexing Technology Implementation: Implementing advanced deindexing technologies to suppress negative content from search engine results, ensuring it doesn’t prominently appear in online searches.
Digital Reputation Enhancement: Employing strategies to enhance the positive aspects of an individual’s or business’s digital reputation, highlighting achievements, positive reviews, and other favorable content.
Crisis Management: Developing and implementing crisis management plans to effectively respond to and mitigate the impact of reputational crises, such as negative publicity or online attacks.
Threat Combatting: Assisting individuals and businesses in combatting online threats, including sextortion, false accusations, and other forms of digital harassment.

Client confidentiality is a top priority. Our team adheres to strict ethical standards and ensures that all client information remains confidential and secure throughout the investigation process.

To initiate an investigation, you can contact us through our website, email ( or phone (+31 70 7013260) and our team will guide you through the process, including the information needed and the steps involved.

We specialize in multi-jurisdictional investigations, allowing us to handle cases across borders. Our global network of partners and experts enables us to address complex cases on a global scale.

While we don’t provide legal services, we collaborate with legal experts and partners, offering support and information that can be valuable in legal proceedings.

Yes, we offer free consultations to assess the viability of your case and determine the best course of action. During the consultation, you can discuss your situation with our experts.

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