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Transparent Business Solutions B.V. is a Dutch company that oversees a wide range of Corporate Integrity Management, Due Diligence, and Investigative consulting services. We also operate a ‘Funds Recovery’ service, Scam Help, which assists victims of online financial fraud with recovering their financial assets. Our unique foundational ‘Integrity Management’ services offer a wide range of options to mitigate and resolve risk, protect clients and their assets in multi-stakeholder environments on national, international and domestic levels in emerging democratic countries and in conflict regions. We can get our clients ‘out of trouble’, but we prefer to help them ‘stay out’ of trouble.

Our diverse projects consist of Consumer Advocacy, Civic Society Building, Multicultural Engagements and Dialogue. Transparent Business Solutions B.V.’s current management contracts include oversight services in conflict and post-conflict zones and investigating international criminal networks on behalf of Scam Help‘s clients.

Transparent Business Solutions also provides meticulous due diligence reports that enable our clients to make sound decisions based on facts instead of hearsay, rumours, or hope.

*Disclaimer: Transparent Business Solutions B.V. does not offer in-house investigatory work. All investigations & Due diligence contracted are exclusively done by our global leading partners. Transparent Business Solutions B.V. and any of its operating sites(domains) does not offer financial investment or advise.

ATTENTION - It has come to the attention of Scam Help & Transparent Business Solutions B.V. - that impostor criminal organisations are using our branding, company name and other details to impersonate Scamhelp.net & Transparent Business Solutions B.V. in order to defraud victims online. Please note - THE ONLY websites associated with our company's services are scamhelp.net & tbsbv.com and partner websites which you can find on our partners' page. Any other domains (websites) & social networks are unrelated to Scam Help & Transparent Business Solutions B.V. and can be considered fraudulent. This also includes email accounts that are being used that do not match our domains.


Due Diligence
      • Criminal analysis and due diligence services related to online fraud.
      • Case assessment and examination of financial records.
      • Investigation of the economic, legal, fiscal and financial circumstances of fraud that occurred.
      • Strategic business intelligence
Cyber Investigation
      • Multi-jurisdictional fraud investigation related to any types of online criminal activity.
      • Website forensics.
      • Cryptocurrency transaction tracing.
      • Tracking the authors of cyber crimes.
      • Other intelligence-focused activities.


Integrity Management
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Cybertrace are a team of Private Investigators specialising in (OSINT based) online investigation products to private and commercial clientele.



Pacific Risk Ltd.

Julian’s experience includes the project management of directing business intelligence cases ranging from pre-transactional due diligence for numerous industries to anti-money-laundering related projects, to security risk assessment assignments...


World’s largest fraud prevention resource

Scam Detector

Scam Detector is a platform that exposes the world’s most notorious scams and offers a website validator tool for consumers to verify any website they are about to engage with.



Leon Hill

Leon’s professional experience includes managing a forced labor data and intelligence project for a global NGO combatting human trafficking by applying anti-money-laundering regulations. 


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