Digital Investigations & Cyber Security Solutions


As one of the top agencies in the area of criminal justice and data security, DataExpert offers its customers knowledge, research, training, cutting-edge software, support, and advice in the fields of cyber security, analytics, digital forensics, and OSINT. DataExpert not only secures systems and data but also fights
(cyber)crime and fraud. To constantly prevent crimes, the company works with its clients and business partners.

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Pacific Risk Ltd.

Julian’s experience includes the project management of directing business intelligence cases ranging from pre-transactional due diligence for numerous industries to anti-money-laundering related projects, to security risk assessment assignments, to serious criminal investigations involving insurance frauds and laundering of proceeds of crime around the world through offshore companies and cash couriers.

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Blockchain analytics & Crypto Compliance Solutions


Elliptic’s solutions are built on hundreds of billions of proprietary data points offering over 97% coverage of crypto transactions by trading volume, along with the largest collection of crypto exchange risk profiles. Elliptic is used by the largest financial institutions and exchanges globally, helping them not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to achieve unparalleled efficiency gains within compliance.

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Forensic accounting and security technology solution provider

Guidepost Solutions

Guidepost Solutions is a global risk and investigations consultant that offers services such as compliance solutions, local and international investigations, monitoring, and security and technology consultancy. The brand of Guidepost Solutions was built on the reputation and expertise of its team members. A diversified, global team of investigators, security and technology experts, and compliance and monitoring experts make up the firm.

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Leon Hill

Leon’s professional experience includes managing a forced labor data and intelligence project for a global NGO combatting fraud by applying anti-money-laundering regulations. He has directed IP anti-piracy investigations with infringement enforcement response, provided foreign area risk assessments emphasising IP protection for multinational companies, and unmasked fraudulent industrial provocateurs.

Registration with the State Bar of California


Online Reputation Management Service

ReputationUp, a leading online reputation management entity, is exclusively represented by Transparent Business Solutions BV in the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. Renowned for its innovative strategies and expertise in fortifying digital identities, ReputationUp specializes in safeguarding individuals and businesses from reputational risks and negative online content.

Their comprehensive suite of specialized services employs advanced technologies, efficiently removing harmful information from diverse online platforms, including news portals, blogs, and social media networks. Utilizing cutting-edge deindexing technology, ReputationUp ensures the suppression of detrimental content from search engine results, ensuring a pristine online presence for its clientele.

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World’s largest fraud prevention resource

Scam Detector

Scam Detector is a platform that exposes the world’s most notorious scams and offers a website validator tool for consumers to verify any website they are about to engage with. Scam Detector has been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, FOX, Cnet and all the major media out there. The platform covers all the major industries, from crypto, real estate, auto and insurance, to communications, employment, and social media.

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American Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands

Am Cham

Ever since 1961, the AmCham or American Chamber of Commerce in Netherlands has been the spokesperson for American businesses in the country. US-based firms employ around 450,000 people, that are responsible for almost 12% of Netherlands’ entire annual revenue.

AmCham has been handling transatlantic trade for companies for a long time now, and Netherlands is the number one option for American firms to invest in. Many world-famous brands partner with AmCham to trade in Netherlands and leverage the various benefits on offer.

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